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Contribute: Environment

This document describes tooling for contributers to this library. If you only wish to use this software, then needn’t worry about any of this. Simply install the ylixir/phap package with composer.

We provide a dedicated development environment for contritutors. Manages localized versions of php and composer, etc. that will not interfere with anything you may have installed on your system. You may use the provided ./go script to interact with the development environment.

Supported platforms

Any platform that nix runs under will work. This includes

  • Apple Macintosh OS X
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

If you are a windows user, you can find information on installing WSL here


You the environment needs only nix. If you do not have nix then it can attempt to install it for you. The following software needs to be present in order to download and install nix.

  • curl
  • bzip2
  • git
  • bash

Getting started

To get setup run ./go init from the command line. This will install nix and then create a local environment which includes all software needed to support development (except a text editor!).


Use the command with the provided script by running ./go <command>

command description
check Run this before opening a pull request. Combines format, test, lint, strict-types
debug Drops us into a shell prompt with php configured with xdebug.
format Automatically reformat all source code.
format-verify Make sure that all code has been properly formatted.
init Set’s up and installs the dependencies for the project.
jekyll Fires up a jekyll server for editing the web site
lint Check source code for errors with psalm
run Drops us into a shell prompt with xdebug disabled.
strict-types Make sure all php source files have strict_types turned on.
tag Create a new version tag.
tagged Check if the currenct version has a release tag yet.
test Run unit tests with no debugging (faster).
test-debug Run unit tests with xdebug enabled (slow).
version Get the current version of the library.